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Long Oil Oxidising Alkyd SYNOLAC S63EHV70 (190 KGS)


SYNOLAC S63EHV70 is an extra high viscosity long oil oxidising alkyd developed for use in all decorative paints and varnishes.


SYNOLAC S63EHV70 is excellent for use in a large variety of interior and exterior paints. It is most suitable for application by brush. SYNOLAC S63EHV70 is recommended for use in making all colours of decorative finishes exterior architecture, marine paints and heavy- duty coatings. It is workable to produce economical gloss enamel with SYNOLAC S63EHV70 attributed to its high viscosity characteristic. A suitable combination of dries for use with SYNOLAC S63EHV70 is 0.05% cobalt, 0.15% zirconium and 0.20% calcium calculated as metals on solid resin. Slight variations in the drier levels may be appropriate for particular paint systems. To prevent in-can skinning of coatings a volatile anti-skinning agent such as methyl ethyl ketoxime is recommended. A level 0.2-0.5% calculated on solid resin is normally adequate.

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