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Get a Sustainable Fresh Look with Equipment Trade In
Get a Sustainable Fresh Look with Equipment Trade In


Wanting to upgrade your business for operational efficiency but don’t want to spend much on a new one?

Also, what will you do with your old unit?

Fret not, we've got you covered! TRADE IN your equipment today!

Promoting sustainability for both the environment and business is part of Maha’s mission and core. Staying true to our roots, we have started a new equipment trade in initiative for our customers.


How will this work?

Customer can now trade in their old equipment with us for a new unit at a specially quoted rate that will be determined by several factors such as condition and model of the unit.

Once the details are confirmed with our sales personnel, a new unit will be delivered to your site while we’ll take care of your old unit for you as well!


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What do we with your old units?

Nothing goes to waste!

Units gathered are thoroughly re-evaluated by our experts and subsequently given minor adjustments and repurposed for a second life!

Check out some of our repurposed units for sale at special prices here at Chem-On!


How does this benefit you?

  1. Upgrade your business with a lower cost

  2. Make full use of your old equipment

  3. Practising environmental sustainability for your business 


metal electronic waste global environment sustainability disposal wasteWhy is this initiative important?

Much has been attention has been given to plastic and paper wastage in media publications across the world. However, the global wastage problem is not just limited to plastic straws and one-sided use.

As society continuously grows towards digitalization and automation, the increase in usage of electronic devices and machinery is expected to grow exponentially. Just look around us and you would find that most of the items we have are electronic devices that contain some form of metal 

No matter the size of your business, there are bound to be machines and equipment that contain metal parts. Ever wondered what happens to equipment after they are discarded?

Research in a Financial Times article states that electronic waste is far more toxic to process than most household plastics as it contains a range of harmful substances. Yet more often than not, these electronics and machines are not discarded properly. Therefore, there grows the ever-pressing need for metal and electronic (also known as e-waste) waste to be tacked.


Now that you know more,

Contact us today to participate in our Trade-Ins Initiative at We’re always happy to work and foster stronger bonds with you.





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