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Reactive Surfactant ADEKA REASOAP SR-10 (18 KG)

  • Price : ฿500.00/kg

ADEKAREASOAP ER/SR series are reactive surfactants having a radical polymerizable group 

in their structure and an alkyl group instead of the nonyl phenol group. They can be used in the same way as existing emulsifier, but with improved properties.

Besides the use as emulsifier, ADEKARESOAP can be used as a monomer for resin modification enabling radical polymerization



Advantages of ADEKAREASOAP as emulsifier in emulsion polymerization:

- Excellent ability to emulsify monomers, enabling emulsion polymerization of various types of

 monomers such as acrylic, acrylic/styrene, EVA, and SBR monomers.

- Big improvement of physical properties of the resin film such as water resistance, adhesion,

 weather proofing, heat resistance and so on.

- Very good ability to copolymerize and produce a stable polymer emulsion with various



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