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Multifunctional Amine AMP 75 (190.51 KG)


This product is 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol that contains 25% added water. It is colourless, mobile liquid with a relatively low viscosity remains liquid at temperatures as low as -48°C to permit easy, convenient handling.

Used In

  • Applications such as boilerwater treatment
  • Corrosion inhibitor for steamcondensate lines
  • Metalworking fluids
  • Acts as codispersant for particulate systems
  • Component of powerful anionic emulsifier systems


  • Multi-purpose amine



The high base strength, complete water-solubility, and thermal stability of AMP-75 make it especially suitable for applications such as boiler-water treatment. AMP-75 is an extremely efficient amine for removal of CO2 from condensate-return lines of boiler-water systems, thereby preventing corrosion from carbonic acid which results from the dissolving of CO2 in condensate water. AMP-75 has a favourable vapour/liquid distribution ratiovery similar to that of morpholine—for this application, and efficiently forms a water-soluble amine carbonate which is readily dissociated in the deaerator. In metalworking fluids, AMP-75 is a high performance primary alkanolamine working as a multifunctional additive. It is a highly efficient alkalinity enhancer which also provides corrosion inhibition properties. The use of AMP-75 will often improve the biostability of these fluids, which can result in longer fluid life. It is by far the least aggresive amine towards the cobalt binder in carbide tooling. As an added feature, AMP does not contribute to ammonia release as do other amines. AMP-75 is an efficient neutralizing alkanolamine for acid-functional materials such as carboxylic polymers, organic acids and phosphate esters. AMP-75 also functions in dilute aqueous solutions containing small amounts of formaldehyde to scavenge that which otherwise might be released to the atmosphere


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