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Get a Sustainable Fresh Look with Equipment Trade In

Wanting to upgrade your business for operational efficiency but don’t want to spend much on a new one?

Also, what will you do with your old unit? How should you dispose of it in a sustainable manner?

Fret not! We've got you covered! Read more about our TRADE-INs today!

Series: Understanding Marine Coating Systems (Pt 2)

On this article we will discuss the hull, the second fundamental part of a vessel. Marine coatings used in the hull significantly differs from other structures of the vessel.

Series: Understanding Marine Coating Systems (Pt 1)

Here we will discuss marine coatings specifically for trade vessels instead of passenger vessels like fast crafts, cruise ships, sail boats and powerboats. 

Carbon Nanotubes in Conductive Coatings

Nanotechnologies has found its way into coatings. More and more manufacturers are seeing the benefits of nanosized particles to be used in their formulas.  Raw materials that aim to produce stronger, more economical, more durable, more functional, more versatile products are the driving force behind these new technologies, specifically conductive coatings.   

Are Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers Effective?

With the current Covid-19 outbreak and no effective vaccine available in the near future, maintaining personal hygiene is still the best precaution against the virus. One way is definitely the use of hand sanitizers when washing of hands is unavailable. In this article, we will discuss the effectiveness of alcohol-free hand sanitisers and whether they can protect us from this Covid-19 virus.

Making Safer Disinfecting Choices for Your Homes

In this article, we will learn more about the commonly used disinfecting active ingredients in our homes and how they compare to one another!