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Christmas Party Games
Christmas Party Games

On 20 December, we celebrated Christmas with the team at Thirsty4Balls. The location was perfect with the fun and games we had in mind. Look, there is even a ball pit to soak yourself in!

Ball Pit Thirsty4Balls

We were also all dressed festively for the occasion, ranging from Reindeers to Santa Claus to Christmas Trees!

Chem On Girls in Christmas Outfits

More festive outfits for Christmas

So what games did we play? Here are TWO games that our HR department introduced:

05 _4_


1. Beer Pong

This beer pong game will definitely not sound unfamiliar with you - a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball in a cup of beer on the other end. And how did we play it?

1. We split the team into two (Team Orange and Team Blue) and assigned a leader to each. The leaders will hold the board with the paper cups intact and tilt it at an angle.

2. The team members will then line up and take turns to throw the small christmas balls into the cups. The first team to have a ball in each of the cup will be the winning team! And congratulations to Team Orange!

beer pong leaders

beer pong ladies


2. Drink and Dig

This Drink and Dig game is one that causes disputes, screaming, and laughter! 

1. Each time lines up along the side of the table.

2. Place a cup of beer in front of each player.

3. The first player from each team will drink the beer together.

4. After finishing the beer, the players will have to turn 5 rounds before running to the ball pit.

5. The players will then have to dig and find a ball of their team's colour and bring it back to the main area.

6. After the first player returns, the next player in line can proceed with the same activities.

7. The winning team is the one who first brings back all their balls. And once again, congratulations to Team Orange!

 drink and dig


We also had a lucky draw segment where NTUC vouchers were given out! Congratulations to the top three winners: Jasmine (1st), Khaing (2nd), and San Kang (3rd)!


Overall, we had so much bonding over good food, drinks, cakes, and we also celebrated our team mate's belated birthday~




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