How to shop in Chem On?

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How to shop in Chem On?
How to shop in Chem On?

After you sign up with us, you can start shopping in Chem On! It is very easy to shop with us. Take the following steps to shop:

  1. Click 'Products' and click your product of interest

    product page
  2. Select the package size that you are interested in

    select package-1
  3. Select the quantity

    Select Quantity-1
  4. Click basket icon

    Click basket-1
  5. Click check out after checking the list of product you are purchasing

    Check out-1
Chemi Posted by Chemi

Chemi is your friendly assistant at Chem On. He loves to share with everyone about unique chemicals and innovative solutions from all over the world. Watch out as Chemi is very talkative and your day may be done after listening to his story!

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