QUV Tester with Solar Eye 230V (QUV/SE/240)


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QUV Tester with Solar Eye 230V (QUV/SE/240)

  • Used QUV Tester with Solar Eye 230V with full set of 75 x 150 mm (3 x 6 in) specimen holders with end seals and UVA-340 lamps
  • Serial No.: 10-2363-78-SE
  • Conditions: Used (10 years)
  • ** Main Controller Retrofit Kit has been replaced and used for 3 months only.


General Description

The QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester is a laboratory simulation of the damaging effects of weathering. It is used to predict the relative durability of materials exposed to the outdoor environment. Rain and dew are simulated by a revolutionary condensation system and/or a water spray system. The damaging effects of sunlight are simulated by fluorescent UV lamps. Exposure temperature is automatically controlled, as is the daily sequence of UV periods and moisture periods. In a few days or weeks, the QUV can produce damage that might occur over months or years of outdoor exposure. Deterioration observed includes fading, chalking, cracking, crazing, hazing, blistering, gloss loss, strength loss, and embrittlement.


The QUV/spray conforms to the following standards (among others).

ASTM G-154 (Previously G-53}, Light/Water Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials

ASTM D-4587, Light/Water Exposure of Paint

ASTM D-4329, Light/Water Exposure of Plastics

ASTM D-4799, A. Weathering of Bituminous Roofing Materials

BS2782, Part 5, Methods 5408 (Exp. to Lab Light Sources)

ISO 4892 Plastics D Plastics Exposure to Lab Light Sources

SAE J2020, Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Exterior Materials

General Motors TM-58-10



1. Minimum and maximum black panel temperatures are dependent on irradiance settings and ambient temperatures.

2. Water consumption values are dependant upon test and lab conditions. Values shown are maximum for many common standards.

3. Actual shipping weights will be higher and depend upon whether the shipment is domestic, ocean, or air.


Utilities and other required parts:



Item Description



Universal Calibrator Handheld Display Unit (UC1)-

To calibrate the QUV tester to ensure the accuracy of the SOLAR EYE irradiance for accuracy results.


QUV Irradiance Smart Sensor, UV (UC10/UV)

To connect to the universal calibrator for irradiance calibration.


Fluorescent UV lamps

To simulate the critical short-wave UV and reproduce the physical property damage caused by sunlight. Available for UVA and UVB lamps.


Consumable items:

  1. QUV Irradiance Smart Sensor, UV (UC10/UV) -To be replaced annually to ensure ISO compliance.
  2. Fluorescent UV lamps (UVA and UVB lamps available) -Warranted for 8,000 hours or to be replaced every 2 years.

QUV Tester Operating Specifications:

Tester Model


Black Panel Temp (°C)    

Light Cycle Temp.

Condensation Cycle Temp.



Specimen Exposure Area

20 x 50 cm (2x each side)

4000 cm2 total

Specimen Capacity

48 Specimens

(75 x 150 mm)

Inlet Water Pressure

0.2-5.5 bar (2-80 psi)

Inlet Water Purity

Tap Water

Water Consumption


5 liters/day

External Dimensions   

(w x h x d)

137 x 135 x 53 cm  

(54 x 53 x 21 in)


136 kg (300 lbs)

Electrical Requirements

230V ± 10%, 1-Φ

50/60 Hz, 8A

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