Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales



Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Two of the biggest shopping days of the year.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving and it officially kicks start the Christmas holiday season sales across countries. You can see shops having sales and discounting products its entire 24-hour period.  As for the name, “Black Friday”; in the retail world, “black” is known as profit and “red” is known as loss. As the Christmas shopping season begins, many retailers hope to move from “red” to “black” = “loss” to “profit”, therefore the name, “Black Friday”.

What is Cyber Monday?

Can’t get enough on Black Friday sales? For once Monday is not blue! The term 'Cyber Monday' was coined by Scott Silverman and the National Retail Federation's Ellen Davis in a bid to encourage people to shop online during the Black Friday event. That was back in 2005, when people needed such encouragement! Shop online and get your best offers which usually starts during midnight on Cyber Monday.

What’s the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

One of the biggest differences between the two days is how they focus on in-store and online deals. Black Friday was traditionally a bricks-and-mortar affair, the biggest in the calendar for in-store shopping, while, as its name suggests, Cyber Monday focuses on online deals. In this age of convenience, though, is that both days are huge for online shopping, with retailers certain to sport saving signs over the entire period as well as in the days following.

Which has the best deals?

If you are planning to buy electronics products, tech deals will be prolific for both days. However, better deals would be probably on Black Friday if you are looking at something big, like TV or laptop, with biggest discounts on big-ticket items. Cyber Monday, meanwhile, is typically considered better for clothing bargains, with some fashion retailers expected to run site-wide discounts rather than item-specific ones.


Also, another reason to buy on Black Friday rather than Cyber Monday – in this case sooner rather than later – is stock. Big retailers such as Amazon tend to set aside big inventories for products they expect to sell during the weekend, but you don't want to be caught out with a long delivery wait or, worse, a 'sold out' refusal. So, it’s better to buy sooner or never!


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